The Yoga-Ayurveda Union- Part 1

Almost about a decade yoga,  I suffered acute constipation for a few years.  I tried several medicines which would provide me temporary relief but no permanent cure. I was eager to find a cure and willing to try anything by this point. For the longest time, I was not able to find a solution to my problem.

Life continued and one day I saw my aunt in the US practice yoga. She was in a headstand and as a physical fitness instructor, my first reaction was physical and aspirational and I wanted to know how to stand on my head! But, then I noticed the sense of calm on her face while she practiced and I wanted to know how could one seem at peace while practicing such difficult asanas/ posture.

The irony is that though yoga originated in India – and I was born and raised in India -, I first practiced it at a local fitness club in New Jersy. I came back to India shortly afterward and instantly started looking for a yoga school. This is when I joined the Sivananda School of Yoga in New Delhi. At first, being a fitness trainer and instructor, I looked at it as a physical challenge and wanted to get into all the complex asanas. But as I learned how to meditate, practice pranayama and basic asana postures, my whole attitude towards yoga changed. Slowly and gradually at a very sub-conscious level, I started to be less aggressive with my approach. I also noticed that I felt a lot calmer and people who met me those days said I was glowing. I did not aim at any of these things to happen, they just did.

Simultaneously, I also consulted an ayurvedic doctor at the school. After a thorough analysis, I was told that my Vata was  aggravated and he suggested some basic dietary changes. Slowly with regular practice of yoga, pranayama, meditation and introduction of the dietary changes, my digestion that was sluggish improved and my problem of constipation disappeared. Now even after 10 years, I joke with my friends about the strong metabolism I have and some of them feel envious because no matter how much I ate , I did not put on any weight and I have pretty looked the same for the last decade.  Little do my friends know how much I struggled with my sluggish digestion. This makes me realize that there is surely strong connection between yoga and ayurveda.

In the following post, I will talk a little more about this concept…

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