3 things to consider before you conceive

I know … I know… all titles these days sound similar with 3 things to do, 5 steps to consider and …. you know…so on and so forth. But as a woman who has recently embarked on the journey to motherhood, I can say with experience that these 3 things really helped me where I am […]

Do we really need so many C-section baby deliveries?

Personally I am dead against c-section deliveries unless it absolutely necessary and it’s imperative to save the baby and the mother involved. However, within my circle of cousin sisters and friends , I have seen a upswing of c-section babies due to pregnancy related complications and interestingly more women in my close circle have opted […]

Ayurveda and Pregnancy – Part II (Conception)

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important at all times but it becomes significantly crucial when you aspire to bring a new life to this world. Once you have made this ever important decision you can take steps that will enhance your fertility and increase the chances of conception. The first thing to do is to […]

Ayurvedic view on pregnancy – Part 1

Today every decision we take in our life is carefully guarded and calculated. One such decision is when to start a family? We are always waiting to have a bigger house, a fatter salary check but that may never happen or might take a while. One must understand that delaying pregnancy has significant risks to […]