Nutrition for your little one: 3-6 months

All mothers are concerned about what to feed their child across age groups but it particularly gets more confusing to decide and plan for your baby once they begin to wean off the breast. For starters, exclusively breastfeed your baby till at least 6 months. Breastfeeding through tiring at times can seem easy for some […]

Announcing Health and Wellness Coaching in India

Group/Personal Health Coaching “Together in partnership, we eradicate the root cause of disease and reduce the changes of it recurring by making lifestyle behavioral changes that last a lifetime.”  As your specialized Health Coach I can: Provide Information Teach Disease Specific Skills Promote Behavior Change Assist with Emotional Impact of Chronic Illness Encourage Participation in […]

3 things to consider before you conceive

I know … I know… all titles these days sound similar with 3 things to do, 5 steps to consider and …. you know…so on and so forth. But as a woman who has recently embarked on the journey to motherhood, I can say with experience that these 3 things really helped me where I am […]

Why do we fall ill?

Why do we really fall ill? Is diet, exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle sufficient for protecting ourself from illnesses or life threatening diseases? Ever wondered if there are factors beyond these that might be affecting your health and well being. I have seen friends and family members who have blamed themselves for their illnesses. […]

My death – a conscious process

“ Everyone is pregnant with death. Everyone needs it. Near death we all have the same chance. We all have the chance to become our total selves.” (Duff, 1993) But why wait till the last days of our life to become our true self. As I lay in my deathbed, I would not want to […]

New ways to love ‘Carbs’

How many different diet plans have you heard of or read in the past where you’ve been asked to eliminate carbohydrates from your diet? I am sure plenty. Right? And, when you did eliminate it, what did you experience? The loss of energy and general lethargy accompanied with several other health issues. Just because I […]

Connecting Mental Health with Nutrition

You may wonder what the hell does nutrition have anything to do with my brain health! This blog will surely give you a renewed perspective just like the readings on this subject did for me… As most of us know, the brain is made up of fatty acids, water and minerals and hence we could […]

Your Sugar Cravings – possible reasons and remedies

I just did it! I just ate a couple of pieces of chocolate with chunks of hazelnut, it was divine. I felt the chocolate melt in my mouth and the after-taste is still lingering… This just might be the right time to write about this topic, right? Right, very right. Though I must confess, the […]

Mindful eating

Every time you pick a magazine, a book, an article on nutrition, it leaves you more confused on what should one should really eat! Every day there is a new scientific research and study about food and some have contradictory conclusions to each other!  I like to give away the conclusion of this blog though […]