Why do we fall ill?

Why do we really fall ill? Is diet, exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle sufficient for protecting ourself from illnesses or life threatening diseases? Ever wondered if there are factors beyond these that might be affecting your health and well being. I have seen friends and family members who have blamed themselves for their illnesses. […]

My death – a conscious process

“ Everyone is pregnant with death. Everyone needs it. Near death we all have the same chance. We all have the chance to become our total selves.” (Duff, 1993) But why wait till the last days of our life to become our true self. As I lay in my deathbed, I would not want to […]

The ‘Low-Fat’ Fad

For years, we have tried to reduce fat consumption without a clear distinction between good vs. bad fats in hope of better health. “ Eating a low-fat, low –cholesterol diet” has been the mantra for decades and millions of us have tried to follow this advice hoping to lose weight, prevent heart disease and other […]

Connecting Mental Health with Nutrition

You may wonder what the hell does nutrition have anything to do with my brain health! This blog will surely give you a renewed perspective just like the readings on this subject did for me… As most of us know, the brain is made up of fatty acids, water and minerals and hence we could […]

Mindful Health

Today we are racing ahead of time, are under constant stress of achieving more and bigger things. The aspiration to acquire things never ends and it seems like one endless battle for more and more and more! We have forgotten what our scriptures have thought us! If our ancestors were alive today what advice would […]

The significance of the breath

Have you ever paid attention to your breath? Probably not, right? Have you noticed what happens to your breathing pattern when you get excited, angry, agitated or anxious? Your breath becomes irregular and broken, the opposite of slow, smooth flow of the breath when you are calm, composed and relaxed. Next time you are around […]