Can dancing heal?

Well, those of you who know me personally know how integral dance has been in my life. Dance for me has always been a form of expression, an emotional release, a way to connect to another whether in a group class or in an intimate ballroom dance session. Ever seen two bodies dancing in perfect synchronicity. What emotions did that evoke in you?

I remember as a young girl watching a couple Salsa dancing while I was vacationing with my parents in Maldives. This couple seemed connected. The energy they exuded cannot be described in words. That image is imprinted in my memory and to this date, my ideal date has been and will probably always be dancing the night away with a soulful person that I am in love with.

Lately, I am wondering and exploring how physical movement allows us to connect with our mind, our inner self and our spirituality. Can creative dance lead to release of emotions- positive and mostly negative- that have been trapped in our bodies? I wonder…

The next two days, I will be immersing myself into Dance Movement Therapy. We all need healing. Our bodies register emotional pain or agony we may have experienced due to life adversities that may surface as disease or suffering. I am intrigued and at the same time excited to learn this new approach in the hope that in the near future I can share this with others in my integrated health and wellness practice.

Today, therapists are finding that a free approach to body movement is truly essential for the overall mental and emotional health.Psychotherapy needs a natural approach to dance, an approach which stresses free expression of personality.Artificial techniques of movement and dependence on learned dance forms are not the best means of liberating locked-up feelings.

Lately in my Zumba classes, I have noticed that though I love my class and my instructor, it limits me from expressing my true self. I feel bonded and not not truly free. Some of my best dancing sessions have been when I dance to no one’s instructions. My body moves to the music as it pleases. The music I choose, reflects my emotional state. Mostly, I have danced when I have been ecstatic. Will my experience change for instance if I danced to a sad song  and would that help release negative emotions that I may have embodied over the last few decades of my existence? I am about to experiment this weekend!

Imagine moving without judgment… I mean your judgment of our own self. Allowing emotions to surface as you begin to become more and more comfortable with your body, with it’s movement, with it’s energy… This form of creative dancing allows one to discover their own form of movement expression with respect to their individual physical and psychological needs.

As I explore the next few days, I will journal in my experience and see what emotions surface in this journey of exploration. I guess you will just have to wait to know more!

In the meanwhile stay tuned and keep dancing!

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