Suffering from cold, try this simple cure!

So it is that time of the year when someone or the other we may know is suffering from cold. If that is you or your family member, I highly recommend you try the following:
  •  Avoid being out in the cold, eating cold foods and bundle yourself if you do step out.
  • Drink Ginger Tea
  • Cut down spices from your food
  • Drink ginger cinnamon tea 2-3 times/ day. Follow the steps below to make this tea:


2 Glass Water

2 sticks of Cinnamon

4-6 cloves

1/8th tsp fresh ginger grated

2 tbsp honey

Boil water, add all the spices. Do not add honey. (Honey should never be cooked) Boil for a few more minutes. Now turn off the heat, add honey and stir well. You can now store this in a thermos or in any container and continue to drink a few times throughout the day.

-Make sure you slow down and rest. The body needs to re-coop and direct all the energy to the body for healing purposes.

-If possible fast. It’s usually the undigested food in the food that is causing all the congestion. So cut down on heavy foods, eat light. This will give your digestion a rest and you will recover sooner.

I hope you found this helpful! More simple remedies coming soon and on a ongoing basis, so stay tuned!

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