General dietary guideline for Vata predominant person

Since Vata predominant people are usually talkative and have sporadic bursts of energy, they should mainly focus on a diet that calms, strengthen, grounds and nourishes. Vata usually goes in an imbalance or is aggravated in fall and early winter, hence foods that are warm,sour and salty are recommended

Vata persons are uncomfortable in the cold and or on a windy day and have poor circulation and will mostly complain about cold hands and feet. The skin and lip break easily.  Too much pungent,bitter and astringent taste food aggravate Vata and hence should be avoided.

Since you are more prone to anxiety and worry too much about everything, make sure when you sit down to eat your meal, you are not distracted, find a quiet place, quiet your mind and focus on your food.

The following is what you need to avoid from your diet:

Fruits: Cranberries, melons and dry fruits

Vegetables: Mushrooms, raw onions, brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage and lettuce

Grains: Dried grains and granola

Beans: Pinto beans, lentils, split peas and soy

Dairy: Ice Cream

Animal Products: Pork

Sweeters: White sugar

I recommend you consult an Ayurvedic Practioner for more specific details if you have any health condition.

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