Fit Hour by Preeti Rao in Delhi post delivering a 3 month baby – Get Inspired. Get Motivated

conducted a ‘Fit Hour by Preeti Rao’ this month post delivering a three month baby boy. There is one thing i can tell you – if I can do it so can you. It felt great to induct and inspire people to get moving , especially the ones that have never exercised in their life.HowevDSCN2359er, I must point out, like me , if you’ve just delivered a baby, please wait until you complete at least 60 days if you’ve had a normal delivery. For C- section delivering , you must get a go ahead from your doctor before you start any kind of exercise regime. Waiting at least 90 day minimum is highly recommended.

Please start slow. You may want to just begin by walking and doing basic stretches. Prepare your body and get it ready at a gradual pace for a full 1 hour workout. Start with 15 minutes, slowly progress to 30 minutes, then 45 minutes and then 60 minutes. See if you can find a qualified trainer who can guide you and create a simple workout routine for you. Your body has gone through a lot and pushing your body to loose weight fast, will put unnecessary strains on your body that might lead to injuries.Listen to your body, see how it feels. Come join me in the next ‘Fit Hour by Preeti Rao’. Get Inspired. Get Motivated.

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