Preeti Rao
" My mission is to provide health/wellness services that foster preventive health strategies through lifestyle behavioral changes."

The Problem:

Unsustainable costs, poor outcomes, frequent medical errors, poor patient satisfaction, and worsening health disparities all point to a need for transformative change in the Indian Medical System. India today faces widening epidemics of obesity and chronic disease. Unfortunately, many modifiable risk factors for chronic diseases are not being addressed adequately by our doctors or hospitals.

A patient rarely gets more than 5-10 minutes with his/her doctors leaving little time to evaluate the true causes for the onset of disease. A prevention model, focused on forestalling the development of disease before symptoms or life-threatening events occur, is the best solution to the current crisis in India.

The Solution:

Providing relationship-centered care for the patient that is anchored by empathy and trust and is in true partnership with the physician or the practitioner. Treatment options are considered in context of the patient’s belief system and the culture they live in.

In true collaboration the patient and the client decide on treatment that is supported by evidenced based therapeutic integrated health modalities that best match the patient’s diagnosis. The healing process is a dynamic process that needs continuous reevaluation.

A dedicated practitioner evaluates the root cause of disease and facilitates lifestyle behavioral changes that support self-healing practices such as proper diet, exercise, the balance of leisure and work, and addiction management to foster better health, disease prevention and disease management.

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