The Wellness Center

'The Wellness Center' acknowledges the importance of not only physical, but also emotional, psychological, social, and spiritual dimensions in health, and seeks to support the patient in exploring these dimensions. It combines the best of ..

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The Rao Foundation

The Rao Foundation was formed by Mr. K.V. Rao - Preeti Rao's father- in 1999 who's mission was to empower young children with the power of education. The trust helps parents with school fees, school uniforms and books. This has enabled many ..

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My Wellness Journey

As my meditation practice got deeper, I began seeking and searching for answers to what am I meant to do with my life, who am I, what do I want and where I am suppose to go from there. I did not get all the answers but one thing that I learnt was that ..

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    FREE Yoga and Wellness Session - International Yoga Day

      FREE Yoga and Wellness Session on 25th June, ..
  • Venue
    New Delhi

    DDA Park RWA Office, Panchsheel Park, Opp. House No. N-97, New Delhi, 110017

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Wellness Coaching

Wellness begins with the mind & ends with the body. A healthy mind reflects a healthy body. For a healthy mind a little bit of spirituality is necessary. But sadly ..

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  • All mothers are concerned about what to feed their child across age groups but it .. Read more...
  • India, as the world knows, is a wellness destination. The important question, however, .. Read more...
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